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Objections on the horizon
Public meeting expresses concern over proposed Bay development
by Jeff Hathaway

Connétable Mike Jackson, Senator Sarah Ferguson, and approximately 50 people, attended a public meeting held at the Beau Rivage Hotel on Thursday 26th August. The meeting, called by Deputy Montfort Tadier, followed a proposed application by the L'Horizon Hotel to build a two to three storey five-bed roomed house on the site presently occupied by La Rousse, a small wooden bungalow, that is currently used for hotel storage.

Architect, Mr Ian Alder from Riva Architects, explained that the application was a tentative proposal to replace a redundant 'hut' with a reasonable modern residential property. He stated that he was prepared to take on board the comments of the Meeting and report them back to the Planning Department.

The feeling of the meeting was that it was necessary to tidy up the site but that an application for the proposed building, which was described as 'far too large for the site' should be amended to a more modest building, perhaps of just one storey, 'which would be more in keeping' they said.

The meeting asked that the Planning Department be made aware of how passionate the residents of 'The Bay' were and did not want a precedent allowed as there were other sites which were being proposed for development in St. Brelade's Bay. There was concerns expressed too on the procedure of how the proposed plans may go forward and, if they were accepted, the result it may have upon further incremental development.

The meeting unanimously agreed with the proposition that called for the plans to be scrapped and for the architects to re-submit a new proposal taking account of the comments raised.

It was suggested that anyone with any further objections could voice their reservations direct to the Planning Department or get in touch with either Connétable Jackson or Senator Ferguson or their Parish representative. Deputy Tadier said that he would also ask the Planning Department for an extension for objections.

For details of the application (Application Ref: PP/2010/1147) Please click here
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