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Floral Garden Competition
‘Faultless’ Mont Arthur garden given maximum marks!
by Jeff Hathaway

The St. Brelade Floral Garden Competition again saw a very good entry this year with one particular garden described by the judges as 'faultless', giving it a perfect score of 100 - making it both class and overall winner.

"It would have very mean to have docked a single point - a simply outstanding garden, the best I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot!" said Chairman of the judging panel Reg Langlois.

So where is the garden? It is well tucked away on Mont Arthur and belongs to the Moore family - but the garden itself is the work of Mr Tom Price, their resident professional gardener.

Tom, pictured above in the prize winning garden, was born in Glasgow and started his career with the Scottish Wildlife Trust before receiving horticultural training and moving to Jersey 19 years ago. Tom is married to Linda and they have a young son, Sé (pronounced Shay).

He told La Baguette: "It was only five years ago that the Moore family decided to refine the existing garden and to extend it to what was then just a field attached to the property. I applied for the position of resident gardener advertised in the Jersey Evening Post - and as they say, that's where it all started."

Tom is very modest about his achievement. "The award comes of something as a surprise as I had never thought the garden would be good enough. I entered the competition on Mr Moore's behalf without expecting it to win anything at all!" he said.

Judging took place on Thursday 28th July. The prizewinners were:

Class 1: Private Garden up to 10 perch. Mr & Mrs Le Masurier, Route Orange.

Class 2: Private Garden over 10 perch. Mr Max de la Haye, Pont Marquet.

Class 3: Private Garden up to 10 perch, professional assistance allowed. No class entrant.

Class 4. Private Garden over 10 perch, professional assistance allowed. Mr J Moore, Mont Arthur.

Class 5: Environmental garden of any size. Mrs Joyce Huby, Rue des Landes.

Class 6: Gardens attached to a bonafide guest house, hotel or restaurant. Mr & Mrs Squires, Panorama Hotel, St. Aubin.
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