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Assault on Batteries
TTS announce new recycling banks in St. Brelade
by La Baguette Reporter

IN April Transport and Technical Services (TTS) launched 19 new household battery recycling banks to encourage Islanders to recycle their batteries and not throw them away with their household rubbish . St. Brelade now has three located at Waitrose and Coop Locale Red Houses and Les Quennevais Precinct, Lower Car Park.

TTS say that Jersey, we throw away more than 800,000 batteries each year but last year only about 125,000 household batteries were collected by TTS for recycling.

Most household batteries can be recycled using the new banks including all AAA and AA cells, sizes C and D, button (watch) batteries and mobile phone batteries. Car or other vehicle batteries cannot be recycled from the banks and should continue to be taken to the Household Recycling Centre at Bellozanne. Last year, Transport and Technical Services exported 4 tonnes of household batteries to a specialist battery recycler in France. The recycling process separates the batteries back into component parts which are recovered and can be reused.

Emma Richardson, Recycling Manager, TTS said: "Every household uses approximately 21 batteries each year and we hope that by making battery recycling easier, more people will stop throwing their batteries away and start recycling. Batteries contain metals and chemicals which aren't fully destroyed by incineration so I hope that we will see a significant increase in the amount of batteries that we collect for recycling from this year onwards."
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