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At the risk of sounding like a hairdresser: 'Have you booked your holiday yet'?
by Rev. Mark Bond

THIS year, for many of us, it's a tricky decision. First, as we are constantly being reminded, we are in a recession; can we afford our usual type of resort; should we economise? Go self catering? Or just stay at home?

Then there is the threat of natural disasters; better try to avoid earthquake prone areas, or arid places where there is a risk of our being caught up in bushfires, or flash floods. And if we get another volcanic eruption will another ash cloud ground our flights?

And then there's civil unrest; the "Arab Spring" has stirred up political uncertainty in some of the sunniest countries, maybe we'll give North Africa a miss. Terrorist attacks are still a threat aren't they? And e.coli, suppose that runs amok through the supply of summer salad vegetables.... and so on.

It's a tough choice, maybe we should just stay at home and decorate the kitchen..? BUT, we have the choice, the choice of how much risk we are prepared to take, the choice of how to spend our money, the security of our own safe little island.

In this copy of La Baguette you will find an envelope for Christian Aid. This is an opportunity for you to make a donation to help those who have NO choices. Huge numbers of adults and children are trapped by poverty, drought, war, famine, cruel regimes, disaster or illness. They didn't choose the situation they struggle to survive in. Their choices are limited to doing the best they can to keep themselves and their children safe and fed for the next 24hrs.

Your donation can help provide food and water, basic essentials of life , education and the possibility of a means for people to help themselves, by providing agricultural implements, small business loans.. and so on. Have a look at the Christian Aid website, you will be amazed at what your donation can help to achieve.

Choice is a luxury, we have it, many don't. Please take a moment to put whatever you can afford into that red envelope, rather than just throwing it in the bin. Please take a moment to drop it into the Parish Hall, the Rectory or any of the churches. It's your choice....

However you choose to spend your holiday this summer I hope it refreshes you in mind, body and spirit. Enjoy!
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