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Nigelís surprise Christmas gift to the St. Brelade Youth Project
by Guest Reporter: Mark Andre-Hill

FOLLOWING his generous undertaking to personally fund St. Brelade Youth Project for the next three years Nigel, a St. Brelade parishioner, has now also donated a brand new 55" wide screen TV to the St. Brelade Youth Project as an early Christmas gift. The screen 'finishes off' the newly refurbished youth centre at Communicare, and provides the opportunity for young people to watch DVD's or their favourite programmes as well as many televised sporting events - including of course, Formula One.

La Baguette caught up with Nigel and Constable Steve Pallett at the Youth Project at Communicare as the TV and sound system was being installed - under Nigel's supervision.

He said: "I am delighted and proud to have become Patron of the St. Brelade Youth Project - young people are very important to me and therefore very happy to help in a practical way as well as exploring options for long-term funding to ensure the Project not only survives - but thrives into the future."

Nigel explained that while he was President on UKYouth, the activities of the charity had yet to be extended to Jersey. He was however hopeful that the situation may change in the future and was seeking a special bursary for the Youth Project .

Nigel went on the explain: "UKYouth have a wonderful centre at their headquarters at Avon Tyrell in the UK where young people can experience a wide range of new activities. I hope that as we move forward some of the Youth Project members will be able enjoy a few days at this facility."

Nigel is also intending to float a 'Tree of Life' initiative - a scheme by which local businesses in particular would 'buy' a gold, silver or bronze leaf which when suitably engraved would form the shape of a tree and would have its home within the club's facility. The fund raised would be administered by a group of Trustees who would apply the funds to assist in the running of the Project or to sponsor youth events and activities centred on the club.

Nigel said: 'I have been involved with a similar scheme in the USA and it proved highly successful - one that I feel would suit the Youth Project. It is an opportunity for the community in general to show its support and commitment to young people.'

Bradley Cooper, the Projects new Youth Leader was clearly impressed with the TV as the latest addition to the facilities. He told La Baguette: "The TV will be a great asset and I am sure will prove highly popular. Also, now our immediate future has been secured, we can start to make some plans to further improve our facilities and open on more nights than the current three. We have had support from other sources too - a new kitchen provided by Romerils for example."

Constable Steve Pallett said: "From a position a year ago when the Project had an uncertain future in terms of retaining space at Communicare, the situation has been transformed by Nigel's commitment and generosity. It is with great sincerity that on behalf of the Parish and particularly our young parishioners I say a big 'Thank You' to Nigel - and to take this opportunity to wish him and his family a very Happy Christmas!"
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