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‘Exisiting planning guidelines very blunt’
by Tony Bellows

A Parish Meeting was called for the 2nd June to set up an informal working group to look at planning guidelines for St Brelade's Bay in order that the Bay can be better protected.

Opening the meeting, Constable Steve Pallett told the parishioners that St Brelade’s Bay has seen some good and bad development over the years, and it was important to produce some guidelines to assist the planning decisions. This was allowed for in the 2011 Island Plan, and would form an appendix to the plan. He said that what this process needed was an informal group of around six to twelve people to meet together to work on guidelines which he would hope to be in place by 2016.

Kevin Pilley, Planning Officer, explained that guidelines could improve but not contradict the Island Plan. For instance, where there were buildings, there was a presumption for development, and that could not be overturned. But existing planning guidelines were very blunt, and more detail was needed to keep the Bay special

For example, the height of the buildings by the park and fountain were quite low. But they could be further developed because buildings already existed, and there was nothing to prevent developers submitting plans for buildings two stories high. What was needed was additional guidelines to give a greater detail, for instance, proposing guidelines that the height of any developments had to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings and environment.

Mr Pilley suggested that a good starting point for what could be done was the St Helier urban character appraisal which formed the framework for a planning advice note giving design guidance for St Helier. It split the town into different areas, and provided a set of guidelines for each of these. Something similar could be done for St Brelade by the group.

The Constable said that the idea was that the group would develop these kinds of guidelines, in consultation with residents and businesses in the Bay, and also present them at a Parish meeting before submitting them for consideration as an appendix to the Island Plan. If the group needed extra resource, for example independant expert advice, he would ensure that Planning would be able to assist in that provision.

Eight people volunteered to form and serve on the group to develop planning guidelines: Peter Edwards, Caroline Burgess, Sarah Ferguson, Stephanie Steedman, Belinda Lewis, Mary Scott, Jacqui Carrel, Tom Atkinson.

For further information please contact St. Brelade Parish Hall on 741141 or email

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