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St. Brelade top honours!
by Jeff Hathaway

THE St. Brelade Battle of Flowers Association were again back into the top awards this year winning the Prix d'Excellence for the second time in three years and also gaining 'Best in Class' with their float 'Dragonara' arguably the most colour floral float on the arena.

While the weather did not play its part, the float just about survived both the journey down to the Avenue and the rain. But the weather did not dampen the spirits of the team who again put on a spectacular display in the afternoon parade to impress the judges and wow the thousands lining Victoria Avenue.

St. Brelade Battle of Flowers Association Chairman, Eddie Le Gros told La Baguette: "Another tremendous achievement by the many volunteers who have worked on constructing the float over several months and others who spent endless hours sticking on harestails in the lead up to the final preparations and on the eve of battle glueing on flowers. Credit again must go to our two talented designers Nigel Gates and Simon Thomas for another exciting and award winning float."

'Dragonara' depicts a fantasy scene of a time when forests lived, fairy tales castles sat on mountain tops and dragons wandered the land.

The costumes, superbly designed by Yvonne Binet, followed through on the fantasy theme with Miss St. Brelade sitting atop of the float and with the Constable, also in costume, who led the Parish entry along the Avenue.

This year the float was driven, for the first time, by Nigel Snell.

Ben Buesnel, 'Float Leader' told La Baguette: "For a first time of driving in the Parade, Nigel was extremely good. The float is far from easy to manoeuvre, but he did a splendid job keeping on course around the arena both in the Day and Moonlight Parades - and of course bringing it down from the Battle Shed on Mont a la Brune - and taking in back again.”

The float statistics were equally impressive as the float itself, 45 foot long and 12 foot wide, festooned with over 160,000 chrysanthemum blooms in various colours and 28 kilos of dyed harestails all of which had been stuck on by hand.

Constable Steve Pallett said: "I would like to congratulate the St. Brelade Association, and particulary Eddie Le Gros, for yet another superb float. I know how many hours Eddie devotes to its construction - and its more than anyone would believe. We all throughly enjoyed the Parade. The atmosphere was as exciting and as colourful as ever, despite the overcast skies. A tremendous day, a tremendous achievement!"

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