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Parking up the wrong tree
Quennevais Park and Clos des Sables under spotlight
by La Baguette Reporter

STATES of Jersey Property Holdings Department have been in discussion with the Parish with regard to the provision of additional residential parking at Clos des Sables and Quennevais Park. In order to achieve this there will inevitably be a cost and it has been suggested that this could be financed by developing 4 new dwellings. There are four areas which have been identified as having the potential for building but it was pointed out to Property Holdings by the Parish that residents would be unwilling to support these proposals unless thare were tangible advantages.

Connetable Jackson said; “When Quennevais Park and Clos des Sables were built garages were provided, however, cars were generally smaller at that time and this has resulted in very few people using them for their cars today. We now have a situation where the whole estate is littered with cars, very often parked in an unsatifactory manner, and this causes concern not only to residents, but also to the Police and other emergency services for obvious safety and access reasons.

One resident told La Baguette: “The green space we have is important to us. We certainly have a need for extra car parking and perhaps to use a little of it for that purpose would solve some of our current problems. Property Holdings have however consistently claimed they have no money for such an option. In selling it off for building I am concerned that we will not only lose the option to create further parking to alleviate the current problem - but much of our green space too.”

In particular residents are concerned with large commercial vehicles being parked inconsiderately and non-residents leaving their cars on the estate during the working day.

Connetable Jackson added: “Ultimately and unfortunately it does all come down to cost. I completely sympathise with the residents and I would like to see the parking problems resolved. I am keen to discuss a way forward with them which will result in enhancing the area for the benefit of all.”

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