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Changes afoot for 2011 elections
by Connetable Mike Jackson

There will be changes afoot in the Parish in 2011 when election time looms again in that all our Senators, Deputies and Connétable will be elected on the same day, provided the mechanics can be sorted out in time by the Privileges and Procedures Committee. There is no doubt that this move, which was approved by the States just before La Baguette went to press, will encourage voter turnout and save the Parish money, as well as Parishioners the trouble of turning out twice!
It is important that we allow our ‘systems’ to evolve to accommodate modern requirements and lifestyles whilst at the same time defending our traditions which have formed the fabric of our Parish life for so many years.
The States once again reaffirmed by a significant majority that Connetables should remain in the States as at present. My view, having experienced the role now for nearly 4 years, is that it is absolutely essential that the Parishes strong connection with the States remains and that our community’s needs and wants are respected and understood by those from Chief Minister down. The Connetable’s position in the middle of its administration enables them to feel the daily pulse of the community and deal with the inevitable issues that regularly arise which a Deputy would not normally expect to deal with. One immediately thinks of Policing matters and the functions of the Honorary system which covers not only the police but also the bulk of those who form the municipality of the Parish.
I was pleased to have been able to work with Deputy Tadier on his initiative to address the parking and traffic issue on Clos des Sables and Quennevais Park. It was quite clear in a meeting held with residents at Comminicare that there was a strong desire to retain green areas as at present and not allow the area to be swamped by cars. The estate was built in the 60’s when the average family owned a single vehicle the size of an old-fashioned Mini and garages were bulit to accommodate these - not the larger cars of the present. Most garages are used for storage with the result that the cars have spilled out onto the roads to the detriment of the estate in general and the well-being of those living there. It is encumbent on the Roads Committee of the Parish to address this issue in conjunction with States to decide how things can be improved for future generations.
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