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by Sarah Ferguson

The Parish Accounts were approved at an Assembly attended by approximately 40 ratepayers held on 22 July. Former St. Brelade Deputy, and Public Accounts Committee Chairman Senator Sarah Ferguson explains.
There is a considerable amount of detail in the accounts but they are clear and enable all rate payers to understand exactly where their money is spent. They are prepared on a very straightforward basis. Income is mainly recorded when it is actually received – in other words when cheques or cash are in the hands of the Parish Secretary. There are a few exceptions where money owing is recognised as income.
Expenditure on the other hand is on the accruals basis. This means that all money owed by the Parish is always included in the accounts whether it has been paid or whether it is still owed by the Parish. Because of this the accounts always show the pure unvarnished truth of the state of the affairs of the Parish. In fact the balances in the accounts represent money in the bank. The main source of income for the Parish is the rates. The two crucial parts of the rates meeting are the estimates of the expenses for the following year and the decision on the Parish rates. If the forecasts of expenses are too low then the rates could be too low and the Parish would have to levy an additional rate, which would not go down well with Parishioners. If however the expenses are set too high then the Parish would have to set too high a rate which would also upset the Parishioners. Fortunately the Parish has an experienced team who make sensible forecasts.
In the year ended 30 April 2009 the Parish had an income of £1,247,646 and an expenditure of £1,285,269. This gave a deficit of £37,623. There was a balance of £673,816 brought forward from 2008 which gave a net balance in hand of £636,193.
The main part of the income was the rates which totalled £1,094,120. This represents most of the Parish Income and is collected in the autumn. This has to fund all Parish expenses for the year until the next rates are collected in the following autumn. The balance of the income was surcharges applied (for late payments) of £4,455, miscellaneous income of £94,235 and rent for Gervais Le Gros and Le Pave which was £53,894.
The main items of expenditure were Administration (the running of the Parish Hall) £355,780 , External Services (roads, repairs, refuse collection etc) £566,268, Tresor (Wages, pensions and repairs to the Parish Hall) £114,100, Charities and Grants £71,476 and Transfers to Reserve Funds (Property, Motor Vehicles and Office systems) £75,000.
The estimates of expenditure for 2010 totalled £1,368,264. The meeting decided that maintaining the rate at the same level as that fixed last year was not prudent. The ratepayers present decided that a small increase of 2.22% to 0.87p per quarter was advisable and voted for this with just one dissenter.
The meeting noted that this is the Parish Rate. To this must be added the Island-wide Rate of 0.65p per quarter for domestic property and 1.14p for non-domestic property.
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