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by The Editor

Dear Editor. Perhaps you would allow me a few lines explain more about this campaign. This is an islandwide initiative which began through the Parish’s involvement with Parish in Bloom competition and Britain in Bloom Awards. Those competitions lay stress on community involvement, the particular care taken to achieve a pleasing appearance of our Parish and how litter is handled. The initiative is not about picking up rubbish but working to prevent it being dropped. This problem has grown with non degradable plastic food containers. There is no deposit scheme on bottles and cans and these litter our beaches and hedgerows. The smoking ban has increased the quantity of cigarette debris and chewing gum found on the pavements. Clearing all of this rubbish costs us £1.3 million annually.
Stop the Drop is not here to raise voluntary funds to make up for reduced provision for litter clear up by The States and Parishes. The Island’s culture must be changed so that litter dropping, dumping or fly tipping is zero tolerance. In early July a poster design competition in schools was held which culminated in the launch of Stop the Drop, bringing a clear message to young people, of the importance of litter responsibility. Our thanks to Sandpiper for their sponsorship of banners and posters.
In September we launch the ButtsOut case, a fireproof personal cigarette ends container and working with Fox Trading, we hope to get this accepted and used across the Island. We will meet with representatives of the Polish and Portuguese communities, talk with farmers, asking them to dispose of old plastic bales lying in fields and ensure their workers dispose of their food litter sensibility. The campaign will work to tighten up the Law on illegal littering and the role which planning and licensing laws can play in ensuring that pubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants collect their clients’ litter, especially cigarette ends and food containers from immediate area of their business. Legislation needs changing and stiff fines brought in.
It is up to us all to be aware of litter and to do something about it. It’s time to make the dropping of Litter Zero Tolerance. Don’t Rubbish our Island!
Margaret Holland Prior
Rue de Croquet
St. Aubin

Dear Property Owners of St Brelade: Unfortunately my request to St Brelade's property owners to agree to clear non biodegradable litter from the road/lane near to them on a regular basis did not result in one new offer. Mainly perhaps due to the fact that my telephone number and full address were not printed in the July edition of La Baguette. I would like to repeat the request for volunteers to contact me directly at 746339 or La Maison Haute, Le Mont de la Rocque, St Brelade JE3 8BQ. Grouville W.I (Women’s Institute) have recruited approximately 200 volunteers and this has made a significant difference to the roads and lanes in Grouville. Parish road cleaners sweep the small roads approximately every six weeks and do their best but, due to the fact that some people use the roads and lanes as dustbins and throw litter from their vehicles the roads and lanes need attention more often than this as far as non biodegradable litter is concerned. I do so hope my request will bring forth some enthusiastic volunteeers to join me in my fetish re clearing litter!!!
Miriam Noel
La Maison Haute
Le Mont de la Rocque
St Brelade JE3 8BQ
Tel: 746339
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