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Going Eco-Active
“Can also save on running costs” say Ken & Sue Healey
by Jeff Hathaway

Husband a wife team Ken & Sue Healey have recently attained a Level 2 Eco-Active recognition for their Poplars Tea Room at La Moye. Ken told La Baguette: “In a year which also sees the business celebrate its 25th anniversary we are particularly proud of the award. We have reduced our waste output considerably, and through several energy saving measures we have even saved on our running costs.
We used to put out 3-4 bins for collection, but now that is down to one - and even that is never filled to the top. All biodegradable waste is composted, and that which is not, glass and plastics for instance, we separate and deposit into the new re-cycling collection point at Les Creux. Being Eco-Active also means that we train our staff to be aware of the needs to conserve energy, minimise waste and basically to follow good housekeeping practices”.
Jersey Electricity have also attained Level 2 recently and have published the following advice on energy saving - saving you money as well!
• Turn down the central heating thermostat by just 1ºC & you could save yourself 10% on your electricity bill (keep to 21ºC - if you are elderly or infirm)
• Washing your clothes at 30ºC rather than 60ºC can be just as effective as other temperatures for soiled clothes and can save you over a one-third on your electricity bills
• Boil only the water you need for one cup instead of a full kettle & save around £31 a year (always ensure the element is covered)
• Keep saucepan lids on and turn down the heat – your dinner will cook quicker and you won’t be wasting energy
• Avoid covering radiators with curtains – which will restrict the airflow, instead have your curtains lifted slightly on a window sill, to ensure heat enters the room.
• Use low energy light bulbs - they last up to 12 times longer than ordinary light bulbs and consume about one-fifth of the energy
• Switch it off! Avoid leaving electrical appliances on stand-by and leaving appliances charging unnecessarily: for example, just by unplugging your mobile phone charger you could save around £4 a year
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