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The various reports have been split down into navigational sections using the Appendix  criteria set up by the Improvement Group Administrator, and have all been converted to pdf format.

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Action Group Reports









[VIII] a


Workshop Action Groups & Members

Report: ‘St. Aubin Community’ Action Group

Report: ‘Need for Pharmacy’ Action Group

Report: ‘RAMSAR’ Action Group

Report: ‘The Harbour’ Action Group

Report: ‘Quality of Environment’ Action Group

Report: ‘Traffic’ Action Group

Summary: ‘Traffic’ Action Group

Report: ‘Relamation’ Action Group
Report: 'Events' Action Group


St. Aubin’s Harbour



North Pier Summary

Proposed Plan Showing Reclamation Car Park


Letters & Comments













Letter from D. Kirsch 24 Feb 07

Letter from R. Waller 12 Oct 07

Letter from A & G Olsen 28 Dec 07

Letter from AGW. Clarke 09 Jan 08

Letter from S & M. Agren 23 Jan 08

Letter from C. Gavey 24 Jan 08

Letter from A. Walton 27 Jan 08

Letter from P. Bewers 28 Jan 08

Letter J. Mallinson 29 Jan 08

Letter from J. Swetenham (undated)

Comments from those unable to attend workshop

Telephone messages taken at Parish Hall


Minutes from Meetings



Meeting 26 Feb 08

Meeting 31 March 08





Parking Questionnaire – Deputy Sarah Ferguson

Parking Observations – Dennis Pipon


Designs & Proposals




Landslip Multi-story Car Park – Glynn Jones

Car Park Extension to ‘The Green’ – Glynn Jones

Car Park at Tunnels – Glynn Jones/Rodney Waller