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Two re-elections
Further terms for Procureur and Centenier
by Jeff Hathaway

DURING late summer two separate assemblies were held to elect a Procureur and Centenier.

Mr Arthur Morley was re-elected for a second term of office as Procureur. Mr Morley is a former Centenier and has a professional background in the finance industry.

Constable Steve Pallett said:

"Arthur's knowledge of the Parish as a serving officer combined with his extensive experience in financial matters is a huge asset to the Parish. I am very pleased to welcome him for a further term with the assurance that St. Brelade’s finances remain in very capable hands."

Centenier and Chef de Police Michel Bougeard also stood for re-election his previous term of office having expired. He too was elected unopposed/

"The role of Chef de Police requires skills that only years of service can provide, this being Mr Bougeard's fifth term as Centenier. I am delighted that not only has he been re-elected but will continue as Chef de Police with the full support of his Honorary Officer colleagues. Michel, along with other St. Brelade officers, was also awarded a long service medal by the Lieutenant Governor a very short time after his election." Said Constable Steve Pallett.

Both Mr Morley and Mr Bougeard were sworn in at the Royal Court on Friday 11th September.

If you would like to find out more about the Honorary Police and would like to consider giving time to this important community role, please contact Centenier Bougeard on 741175 or contact the Parish Hall on 741141. More information can also be found here

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