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by Jeff Hathaway

CENTENIER Michel Bougeard and former member of the Roads Committee, Len Horn were presented with special awards at a Parish Assembly held on 15th October.

Constable Pallet said that Michel Bougeard had joined the Honorary Police in February 1984 and his service history, represented in the medal presented to him earlier in the month at Government House was from 1994 to present day. However, the bar to the medal which represents an additional 9 years' service was not given that night He said: "Centenier Bougeard was one of few who were awarded the bar. The professionalism and dedication Centenier Bougeard has shown is something of which anyone should be proud of and therefore felt it appropriate for Mrs Enid Quenault, the Connétable who was in office when Centenier Bougeard joined to present it."

Mrs Quenault thanked the Connétable for the opportunity, saying she remembered Centenier Bougeard as young enthusiastic young man, and not much has changed, "he was lovely to work with him as he had such integrity and common sense in policing of Parish."

The Connétable told the Assembly that Len Horn was elected to the Parish Roads Committee to replace Dave Cashel in December 2002, he was re-elected on further 4 occasions, spanning a 12 year term on an important Parish Committee. Len often had an important alternative view in matters, he has a unique blend of humour, love of life and being around people. Len previously served in the Honorary Police for many years, but this award was dedicated to his service on the Roads Committee.

The Connétable then asked Mr Max De La Haye to award Len with his gift. Mr De La Haye thanked the Connétable for the opportunity to give this special presentation to Len who took office during his time as Connétable. He said: "We didn't always agree but he always brought up the point which was the most important thing."

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