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Schools 50th
Le Quennevais party in 60ís style
by Tony Bellows

PAST pupils and friends of Les Quennevais came together for a 1960s-themed evening of fun on 27 November to celebrate the school's 50th anniversary. The doors first opened in 1965 and the festivities took revellers back in time - sixties style dress was the code for the evening.

Guests swapped stories of school days past and enjoyed the 1960s-style entertainment, with a performance by 60s band Backbeat, Rock 'n' Roll Bingo and a quiz. There was also a display of photographs from past school archives to prompt some happy memories.

Current head teacher Sarah Hague said: "It's the perfect time to celebrate the spirit of Les Quennevais because we can look back on 50 incredible years as well as looking forward to the next phase of the school's history, which we're hoping will be in a brand new building."

As parishioners will no doubt know, a public consultation has been taking place during September, October and early November on three possible sites for a new secondary school to serve the west of the Island.

Thousands of pupils have passed through the halls of the current building, but it is out of date, and the facilities and space now fall short of what our students need and deserve.

One of the original students was Ann Matthews, who went on to work in the school office as a receptionist and is still there today. She said: "There's nowhere quite like Les Quennevais School. It was an exciting place to come to school when it opened and is a great place to work today. I am looking forward to seeing a whole new generation of students enjoying their own new school in years to come."

For your calendar. Next year Les Quennevais Drama Department will be producing the musical "Grease" at the Jersey Opera House on the 9th, 10th and 11th February, 2016, 7.30pm-10.30pm. This will be a superb production of a popular musical, and well worth attending.

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