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Sitting pretty
Memorial garden project realised by generous supporter
by Denise Waller

IT all started with an idea to have a quiet area in the garden of St Aubin on the Hill Church, somewhere one could meditate perhaps. Then like so many ideas it grew and we thought it was sad that there was nowhere in St Aubin where we could mark the passing of people we had loved.

So we decided to use part of the garden as a memorial and build a wall on which to stand granite plaques but we did not have spare funds in the church kitty so we knew we should leave it to a more appropriate time; when to our amazement and delight a good friend, who had been widowed last year, suggested we might do a project in memory of her husband - what could have been better.

So as we already had the plans we started immediately and with the help of Gabriel Mendosa (a goodly angelic name) we erected the memorial wall, started work on the garden and the garden was opened with prayers from our Rector Mark Bond on Saturday 19th September.

There is still work needed to finish the planting but that will be done slowly and in the right season.

I believe many people have memorials elsewhere but would still like to have somewhere local to be able to go to remember their loved ones. I must stress this is not a graveyard, just a delightful place to sit with your memories. Anyone who wants to have a plaque to remember someone whether they have a gravestone somewhere else or not or whether they are directly connected to St Aubin or not, will be welcomed.

For more details and costs contact Church Warden Rodney Waller on 741941 or write to him at Bulwark House, Mont du Boulevard, St Aubin JE3 8AD.

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