Church News

Compiled by Judith Davy

20 March Maundy Thursday
St. Matthews (Roman Catholic):7.30pm - Celebration of the Last Supper
The Bulwarks (Ecumenical): 8.00pm - Service

21 March: Good Friday
St. Aubin's on the Hill (Anglican): 10.00am - Family Service
The Parish Church (Anglican): 2.00pm - An hour before the Cross
St. Bernadette's (Roman Catholic): 3.00pm -Celebration of The Lord's Passion

22 March: Easter Eve
Parish Church (Anglican): 2.00pm - Compline followed by Vigil of Prayer
Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic): 8.00pm - Vigil Mass

23 March: Easter Sunday
Parish Church (Ecumenical): 6.00am - The First Eucharist of Easter
Parish Church (Anglican): 8.00am - Holy Communion (BCP)
Parish Church (Anglican): 10.30am - Parish Communion
St. Matthew's - Le Coin Varin (Roman Catholic): 9.30am - Mass
St. Bernadette's (Roman Catholic): 11.15am - Mass
The Bulwarks (Methodist): 11.00am - Family Communion

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