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September 2008
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A bit of a stir at Reg’s Garden!
1000th cuppa presented to RHS Britain in Bloom judges
by Jeff Hathaway

By remarkable coincidence, Reg Langlois, the incorrigible owner of Reg’s Garden, realised he was due to serve his 1000th cup of tea sometime during the day the two judges from the RHS Britain in Bloom were to visit his garden.

Whether Reg held back on serving other garden visitors with refreshment, or hastily poured cups for everyone in sight to make the occasion genuine, he is not saying.

Nonetheless, the celebrated 1000th cuppa was poured and presented to the two RHS Britain in Bloom Judges, Rae Beckworth and Roger Burnett, by Reg personally in an improvised ceremony adjacent to the garden’s pond. The event was captured by a JEP photographer - who also happened to be there!

The judges were quick to re-assure the rest of the delegation that they were wise to attempts of bribery and corruption. “Grateful and honoured as we are, we will be marking Reg’s Garden strictly on merit, and not on the strength of his tea!” Rae said with a smile.
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