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September 2008
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Farm restoration progressing
But still a lot of work to be done downstairs at Warren Farm
by Sarah Ferguson

The farmhouse is now wind and water tight and nearly fit for occupation. The windows have been mended, upstairs has been painted but there is still work to do downstairs. Restorer, Alan Rabet, has an office there so that he can keep affairs organised but there is still the small matter of a kitchen. Some of the kitchen units and a stove have been acquired but they still need to be fitted. Work on the farm takes precedence naturally.

He has also increased his stock by a young bull which Alan hopes to use for breeding. I am told that it has a great pedigree.

Alan also tells me that the bird watching fraternity has reported many migrating species in the area, not on the large field near the gun emplacements but in the fields where he has had his stock.

Sadly, vandals have recently cut the wires around the fields, which let the stock loose on the road. If anyone sees this please can they contact the Honorary Police as this is just sheer wanton destruction and could be dangerous for motorists and the stock.

Our discussions were truncated by the fact that a fence had again been cut and a heifer was loose on the road. Thankfully she was soon lured back to her own field with the aid of a bucket of fodder.
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