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The work of Greyhound Rescue
by Gail Hickmott

Malcolm and I took on our first greyhound 12 years ago and were subsequently approached by the Retired Greyhound Trust in the U.K. to set up a branch in Jersey.

Since that day we have never looked back and now, joined by Alison Le Feuvre, we have homed 117 dogs both here and in the other Channel Islands.

We are situated along Rue du Pont Marquet and our dogs are a very familiar sight especially in the mornings when some are walked to the beach, whilst the older ones have the luxury of being driven in our big white mini bus. In fact, many visitors who regularly come to Jersey often come down in the mornings to see the dogs. I am sure that we are good entertainment value for L'Horizon and the Golden Sands hotels and the Wayside Café customers.

Whilst our dogs, and the ones we have homed , live in the lap of luxury, there is a darker side to the sport of greyhound racing.

Ten thousand of these dogs finish racing every year, some not even 3 - 4 years old. This is due to the fact that they are not winning, not making money, and therefore 'surplus to requirement'.

Our branch, together with some 70 other branches in the United Kingdom, do our best to home these ex-racers which is the only chance they have of a life after racing, but with all the will in the world 10,000 dogs means a lot of homes. We are lucky if we manage to place half that number.

The rest, well, it would be perhaps to distressing to recount their fate.

We appreciate that the public are generally unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. This is why we go to the schools and hold open days so that we can raise awareness. The public are very supportive and in order to put a little back into the community some of our dogs have become PAT dogs; that is, Pets as Therapy. This means they visit folk who, for some reason, have had to go into a home to be looked after. Many of these people have had to give up their pets so a visit from the greyhounds can really make their day.

Our regular home is Clifton in St. Saviour, but occasionally, we go to Mont a -L'abbe School and St. Saviour's Hospital which is so rewarding.

A couple of our dogs are also blood donors and have on many occasions given blood to save the life of another dog.

If you would like further information please contact Gail or Malcolm Hickmott on 742619, or email: or visit our website at
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