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September 2008
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Mike Jackson re-elected as Connetable

Mike wins further 3 year term uncontested
by Jeff Hathaway

At a well attended Parish Assembly held on 17th September, Mike Jackson was duly elected, unopposed, to serve as Connétable for St. Brelade for a further 3 year term.

He was nominated by Denise Waller who, in a very eloquent presentation, set out Mike’s background, his achievements in the States and, importantly, those in the Parish. “He is hard working, always willing to listen and assist wherever he can. Mike believes in getting on quietly with, what is a times, a difficult job in a non-confrontational way, and avoiding JEP headlines” said Denise

“ I urge you to give him your support for a further 3 years in office” she concluded

The meeting was chaired by Procureur du Bien Publique, John Gready. Following the nomination, he ordered that, in accordance with the law, 20 minutes should be allowed to elapse to see if any other candidates would come forward. A tense time, as it was rumoured that the election may be contested.

With no other candidate emerging, John Gready subsequently declared Mike, much to his visible relief, as duly elected Connétable of the parish and ordered him appear before the Royal Court for his official swearing in.

In his closing address to the audience Mike paid tribute to the many individuals who had supported him and the Parish over the last 3 years.
He finished by saying: “I am privileged and honoured by your confidence in me to lead our Parish forward.”
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