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September 2008
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Vandalism at Croquet Club
An almost incident free summer marred by spat
by Jeff Hathaway

During the last week of August, the Jersey Croquet Club at Les Quennevais suffered considerable vandalism with broken windows and other damage. “Despite regular patrols by both the States and Honorary Police, the Quennevais area is still unfortunately prone to sporadic bouts of mindless damage” said Centenier Steve Pallett.

He added: “It is disappointing that the vast majority of youth is let down, and therefore become equally judged, by the actions of a small group of senseless individuals. It is however just as disappointing that parents continue to deny the possible involvement of their children. Some are even hindering the Police in their attempts to tackle vandalism and alcohol related youth crime.

In an incident earlier this summer, having confiscated alcohol from a 14 year old and returned him, and the drink, to his parents, the same youth later re-appeared back in the area together with the same previously confiscated haul!”

“In my view, parents must change their attitudes and start to understand that the prevention of alcohol driven vandalism is as much their responsibility as it is the Police’s job to ensure law and order, a job which is made so much more difficult without parental co-operation and support”

Connétable Mike Jackson said; “The JEP headlines stating vandalism had hit a new high is not particularly accurate. Quennevais has long suffered sporadic incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour. The co-operation between the the States and Honorary Police in tackling this issue has been effective in reducing the number of incidents. This particular attack caused considerable damage. Regrettably, we cannot predict when and where these attacks will take place, nor do we have the resource to be everywhere at once.”

States officers are still investigating this incident and appealing for anyone with information to either contact them via the Parish Hall on 741701, or Police Headquarters on 612612 or telephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
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