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St. Brelade Honorary Police invite you learn more about it’s work.
By John Trafford

In road checks conducted over Christmas and New Year by members of the Honorary Police, the majority of drivers understood the importance of keeping our roads free of drunk-drivers, and accepted the slight inconvenience. Smiles and community spirit (of the right sort) all around. However, an often asked question is: ‘What else do the Honorary Police do?"
Not an easy question to answer since it can be very varied - and unpredictable. Generally the public only become aware of the Honorary Police during high profile campaigns like ‘Drink-Drive’, or when policing events or when there has been a road crash, or when undertaking speed checks. But there is another side, much of which goes unnoticed, and of that which is noticed, is perhaps in need of explanation on occasion.
Recently a worried lady contacted the duty Centenier to report that her neighbour, an elderly lady who she looked in on from time to time during the day, was missing. Several officers turned out, and found her soon after, not far away, thankfully none the worse for wear from her ‘adventure’. On another occasion St. Brelade officer received a medal and citation in recognition of rescuing a man who had fallen into St. Aubin’s Harbour.
Last year Honorary officers were involved in a joint operation with States of Jersey Police that resulted in the arrest of a number of youths later to admit to a variety of anti-social acts that had been causing so much misery to residents in and around the Quennevais area.
The weather sometimes brings down trees and embankments blocking roads. Road crashes, both minor and serious, also cause roads to be either blocked, or closed for a period of time to assist ambulances, road crash investigators and recovery services. Honorary officers are invariably given responsibility for traffic management which requires some diplomacy skills. Other road users often question the necessity of closing a road, or diversions, which can be the result of hasty improvisation, especially in awkward locations when safety becomes the first priority.
Statistically, road crashes and incidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians can be attributed to inappropriate speed. Of the letters of complaint received by the Parish Hall, those alleging speeding motorists are the most prevalent . Keeping our roads safe, is therefore given priority and speed checks conducted. Another frequent question is: "How much time does Honorary Service take up?"
St. Brelade operates a shift system which commits an officer to just 4 evenings a month. There is of course some important initial training, and a variety of ongoing courses to extend officer skills. There are also other occasions, emergencies for instance. when officers may be called upon to assist.
Currently, St. Brelade Honorary Police have vacancies for 8 Constable’s Officers. If you are over 25, male or female, relatively fit and would like to consider giving some time to the Parish and the community, Connetable Mike Jackson or the Parish Centeniers would like to hear from you.
Two informal evening presentations have been arranged for April. Following a short presentation officers from all ranks will be in attendance for an informal chat about what it is to be an officer, answer your questions, and introduce you to equipment and facilities available. Our States of Jersey Community Police Officer colleagues will also be in attendance, and will be happy to explain their role too.

’Introduction to the Work of the Honorary Police’
Presentation Evening 1: Thursday 3rd April: St. Brelade Parish Hall, St. Aubin 7.30pm -
Presentation Evening 2: Tuesday 8th April, Communicare, Quennevais 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Refreshments will be available.

Please contact the Parish Hall on 741141 if you would like further information.
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