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New association born
From Gill Jones
Dear Sir.
We probably have a lot to thank the organisers of the "Future of St Aubins Forum" for as, without the panic that their introductory letter brought about just before Christmas, we may all have been still sitting at home behind our closed doors, hoping that "someone else" would sort things out for us. Instead, concerned residents of St Aubins recognised the fact that if we did nothing ourselves, then we could not expect to have a say in matters that were about to affect our own village.
A small group of parishioners met at a friends house, and from that evening’s discussions, the St Aubins Residents Association was born.
It was suggested then that a more public meeting was required to see if there was really any enthusiasm out there. Imagine our surprise when a 80 strong, standing room only , gathering occurred one wet windy Sunday evening.
Chair, vice chair and committee were elected and then many voices were heard from the floor. One asked why we felt the need to set up an Association at all, but after many more comments were made by anxious residents, the general opinion was that this was the right thing to do.
The Association is. as you can imagine. very much in its infancy. however with the support that was shown at that initial meeting, we hope to grow and to play a real part in the administration of village events.
All those who have completed an application form will be contacted in the near future. A web site is on its way, and all views and comments will be taken seriously.
We look forward to becoming a united village community.
St. Aubin Resident’s Association
c/o St. Brelade Parish Hall

On the right track?
From I. S. Foster
Dear Sir.
Congratulations on the new parish magazine, a brilliant idea to keep parishioners in touch with parish affairs.
You ask for input and ideas, An idea I have is for the parish to run a petit train from St. Aubin to Corbiere on the railway walk, At first glance this seems a complicated scheme, by all the road crossings, (four in all I believe), but this could be solved by traffic lights operated remotely by the train driver. This would benefit both visitors and locals alike and if timed to “T” in with the St. Aubin bus service would be advantageous to locals for shopping and visitors for town. Some convenient stops on the way for locals to get on or off and a commentary piped to the carriages for the visitors.
May I suggest this is put in the next issue of La Baguette for readers response.
37 Mont es Criox
La Rue de la Pointe
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